Prepper Gear For Winter Apocalypse

Have you ever imagined yourself being in the much-dreaded position of gritting your teeth in the middle of a winter apocalypse? This is one of the most terrifying images that a prepper could ever have, especially with the rising probability of a winter apocalypse taking place. There are many theories of how this can become a reality, with the after-effects of a nuclear war being among the top causes of a winter apocalypse.

It is thought that the volumes of smoke and dust after a nuclear war has taken place will rise to the stratosphere and form a thick and almost permanent blanket that will prevent the sun’s rays from reaching the earth. This will lead to a nose-dive in the earth’s temperatures and thus lead to a state of winter that never ceases on the earth’s surface.

This is just among the many ways in which a winter apocalypse can come about but we should be prepared for one however it manifests itself.

Below are some of the most vital things you should be prepared for and how you should go about your preparations:


Prepare For Hypothermia

In the event that a winter apocalypse does take place, ensure that you staying warm during such a time period. Hypothermia is one of the chief causes of death during such times and as a prepper, you should do well not to suffer a fate such as this. There are many different ways in which you could insulate your body from loss of heat. Among such methods is stocking up enough clothes for winter-wear that could last you for months and if possible a year or two.

In addition to this, you must consider external sources of heat because the already stated methods are not remotely as effective as efficient heat sources. Some of the best winter apocalypse heat sources that you could incorporate into the list of things you must have in your preparation stores include; propane/butane heaters, long matches, BBQ lighters and secondary butane/propane heaters and their backups.


Prepare For Lack Of Light

During a winter apocalypse, it is expected that the chances of deficiency of light are going to be higher than average. This lack of light could come on two fronts, the first being deficiency of sunlight during the day with fog and mist taking the place of sun rays. The second aspect that would contribute to lack of light is the increased chances of power shortage occurring during such times. With all these extrapolations in mind, then there surely is an urgent need for preparations.

It is extremely useful to keep stock of lighting equipment. The best part about this equipment is that they are not exactly expensive and in addition to that, they have a good enough longevity hence making them even more valuable during such times. Among the items for light and illumination that you should keep include a lantern, flashlights, candles that can last for more than 100 hours and light sources that are solar powered.


Prepare For Communications Breakdown

Similar to any other type of apocalypse happening, a winter apocalypse comes with the probability of communications breaking down unexpectedly. As a prepper, you should have such dynamics at the back of your mind. This can be brought to actualization by ensuring that your cell phone, telephone or devices that can help you to send emails are working at all times. A winter apocalypse is likely to come with many hazards strung along with it and it would be in your best interests to have as much external help as possible in case you found yourself in a tight spot.

With good communication, you are better placed to maneuvering your way into finding emergency services such as ambulance services and firefighting. In addition to these, you can keep in touch with friends and family thus enabling you to get replenishment of supplies such as water and food in case yours run out. In a nutshell, you should not lack extra phone batteries, power banks, a radio using AA batteries or a wind-up radio and a power charger for cars. Your life’s survival could depend on one of them during the winter apocalypse.



A winter doomsday is an event that the current world we live in is making to seem more likely to come to pass by the day. There are many factors that can lead to the occurrence of such an apocalypse with the threat of nuclear warfare being one of the chief probable causes. It’s important to be stocked up in weapons for defence, such as guns, bows, knifes and airsoft accessories. However, way the winter apocalypse is brought to life, it is best to be prepared by the time it is coming to pass. The tips above have shed some light on some of the most important things that you should prepare for just in case you were caught up in such a situation.