Lessons Learned As A Prepper

Have you ever asked yourself the meaning of preparedness? The art of being prepared can be better phrased as being a lifestyle rather than being an activity that one can do and finish in just a matter of hours. This is a habit that cannot be forged overnight, but instead, one has to cultivate persistent efforts until the culture of being a prepper has been instilled in you. Basically, the components of being a prepper involve unlearning previous habits of careless living. These habits are then replaced with strategic living frameworks that enable you to thrive even amidst disaster.

The process of successfully becoming a prepper is one that is laced with lessons and challenges along this path. This article will shed some light on some of the vital lessons that are learned in a prepper’s journey and could be of much assistance to you too.


Preparedness Is a Lifestyle That’s Born out Of a Shifted Mindset

One of the main skills that you will get to learn from a good preparedness community is doing away with some misconceptions about being a prepper. One of the main misconceptions that you get to appreciate and alleviate is that of viewing preparedness being centred on the purchase of bullion, bullets, and beans.

This misconception has been responsible for the worst kind of mindset that a prepper could have, thus making their efforts of preparation to go down the drain. The truth of the matter is that, as a prepper, there is no way you can buy a gateway into preparedness. Instead, what you ought to focus on first is your survival and nothing else. This can then be followed by the development of a workable plan for the purchase of supplies and gear that can then complement your plan.


Don’t Be a Victim of the “Tacticool” Fade

As a prepper, it is not strange to find fellow preppers boasting of their tactical scarves, shoes, and watches among other items. This is a common mistake that most preppers make because they focus all their attention on looking as though they are part of some military branch that’s always ready to head out for war.

It is important to know that most of these “tactical gear” that are the source of such bragging rights do not even have tactical value. The main lesson you can learn from this is that appearances do not really have value but in their place, the actual tactical knowledge is what can help. For you to be tactically aware and adequately prepared, only purchase supplies and gear that have actual value rather than buying them to match with the social trends among fellow preppers.


Prepping Will Never Come To an End

Prepping does not entail only of stocking supplies and gear. That is only but a fraction of the actual overall preparedness. In relation to this, a prepper should be more focused on the development and refining of skills rather than solely spending all resources on stocking up supplies and gear.

It is worth noting that skills are not just developed via sudden flight. It could take a prepper months and for some even a lifetime for the best of skills to be developed.

The reason behind preparedness having no end to it is mainly owed to the process of developing and retaining skills. However long you take to develop a particular skill, you’ll have only completed the first phase of the entire process. The second phase entails practising these skills on a regular basis lest you find your lack of continuous exercise being responsible for those skills being forgotten.


Goals That Are Supported By Strategic Planning Are the Best

Many preppers go about the whole business of preparation using the wrong tactics. One of the worst tactics that can be incorporated in the planning for just one specific single event without any future goals in mind.

A prepper’s ultimate goal should be to become entirely self-sufficient without depending on any government agency when there is a disaster taking place. It is recommended that you begin by envisioning the place you would want to have reached by the time your life is ending. After doing this, you should break down your objectives into 1, 5 and 10-year objectives in order to assist you to make your dreams a reality.



In the life of a prepper, there are myriads of new things that one learns during the process of making proper preparations. There is no particular manual or handbook that dictates all the ideal strategies that will help you become more successful as a prepper, but there are some experiences that are valuable enough to be a place you can start with. This article has explored some of these priceless lessons that you can learn from being a prepper.

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