How to be a prepper

Have you ever toyed with the idea of becoming a prepper? This is not a strange thing to have crossed many people’s minds but the problem lies with the lack of proper knowledge to bring things into actualization.

For those who’ve had an inherent desire to become a prepper but lacked a clear-cut outline on how to go about it, then this article is ideal for you.




Do Your Own Research

It is common knowledge that everyone is unique and different in their own ways. You could be living in a different geographical location compared to another person, have needs that are different and even differing financial considerations. For you to be successful in prepping, you should know and do the things that are right particularly for yourself and not other people in your vicinity. Take it upon yourself to do an in-depth research and let these results become reflected by making choices that are correct for yourself alone.


Create an Emergency Contact List

In order for you to qualify as an exceptional prepper, you need to be aware of all the loopholes that need to be covered in the event disaster strikes. One such loophole is lacking an emergency contact list.

When a disaster or any disruptive occurrence strikes, the first thing that you would want to do is to act on your instincts and avert the impending danger. However, you will find that human nature at times may not allow that and instead, send you into a state of utter confusion. For you to become a prepper, you should consider preventing such a scenario from happening to you. Having an emergency contact list is one of the most appropriate ways in which you can accomplish this.

Your list should be comprised of emergency firemen, police, doctors, family members, hospitals and close friends’ contacts among many others. You should ensure that you’ve included email addresses, cell phone, and telephone numbers because you have no guarantee that any specific method will be fool-proof during the emergency.


Stockpile As Much Water as Possible and Learn How to Purify the Rest

Water should be the first item that comes to mind. You could look for suitable and hidden locations within your place of residence where you can effectively store purchased water or water that you’ve packed for yourself in drums and plastic bottles. After this has been settled, you should now look to expand your boundaries and search for alternative water sources that could serve in emergency situations. Knowledge of how to purify and safely filter water for the purposes of drinking is one of the most vital skills that any prepper should strive to acquire. It will come in handy in making use of these alternative water sources because you have no guarantee that they will all be springing clean and usable water.


Ensure That You’ve Worked towards Your Optimal Physical Fitness

For you to become a complete prepper, work on your physical state and shape. This by no means interprets to signing up for an intense dieting plan to become thin or anything along that line of logic. Instead, you should strive to build your strength and stamina in order for you to not buckle out of undertaking extended periods of manual labor. You could see to it that this has been achieved by taking hikes, lifting weights, taking power walks and riding bicycles among many other activities. At the end of the day, you should take a self-audit and check whether your unnecessary body fats have been reduced and whether your physical tolerance and muscle endurance have been enhanced.


Learn About the Basics of Survival Medicine and First Aid

Finally, one of the things that should not miss in your knowledge bank is survival medicine and first aid skills. For this to be seen through, you should have a well-endowed kit for first aid purposes which encompasses protection gear as well as trauma supplies to help in taking care of health hazards in case of disaster strikes.

Ensure that you have some pre-prescribed medications such as essential oils and antibiotics and see to it that their expiry dates are always on point. Take an interest in learning about various herbal medicines and keep records and books about survival medicine for future reference.





The journey into the world of being a prepper is by no means an easy one. It entails a lot of learning, but in addition to that, you have to unlearn many other previous habits that allowed you to live without any tangible plans of averting possible impending dangers. As much as they might sound mysterious and difficult, the steps above are some of the stepping stones that you could incorporate into your framework of becoming a prepper.