Bad Prepper Strategies

Are you aware of what is said about the advantages of well-laid plans? It is not strange that this could also work when referring to preparedness. There are volumes of exceptional ideas that can be found on the internet but are only great when they just stick there and not reciprocated to a real-life basis. The biggest problem arises when people make the decision to revolve their lives around these ideas. One of the major problems is that we get to see survival scenarios and tactical operations happening only in movies. If you’ve not been in a situation where military combat unfolds right before your eyes, then you are highly unlikely to fathom what you could be facing.

Most preppers out there are of the opinion that they have been successful in nailing down the best of plans that can enable them to tackle any particular scenario. However, there is a huge problem that lies in these scenarios! They are more often than not clueless on how things will turn out to be. These ranges from the type of stresses our resources will face and also the manner in which our environment will get affected. We can indeed plan for a myriad of things but at the end of the day, we don’t have clear-cut guarantees for anything. Below are some of the ideas that are trending in the world of preppers and should be thoroughly discouraged because they could get you killed.


Guns over Fitness

Among the worst examples of strategies that could get a prepper killed is the misplaced idea of firearms being a good-enough substitute for deficiency of fitness. It is common to find people of the idea that merely having a loaded firearm in front of you is the solution to all your problems.

On the contrary, this is plainly wrong because, in the event that an apocalypse occurs, there will be many more dangers than just enemies staring down the barrels of your guns. It also goes without saying that these other dangers will not have their solutions lying in the pulling of your gun’s trigger. You are supposed to lay emphasis on body fitness because your survival in most scenarios during an apocalypse will all boil down to how fit you are. If you are facing more than one armed person, your skill and fitness are more likely to save you rather than merely wielding a gun. In addition to this, as much as guns are vital during the time of an apocalypse, of what use are they if you cannot carry them for more than 100 yards before you pass out?


Long-Term Survival in a Small Bunker

Another of the worst plans that a prepper can make is retiring to a tiny bunker for as long as the disaster in society above takes place. You should look at it from this perspective; what’s worse by your books? You being killed by a stranger in your own home or you killing your entire family by keeping them inside a bunker beneath a deeply ravaged world? We don’t know about you but the latter sounds way much worse.

In addition to the above, building a bunker is very expensive and only a few preppers could afford even a remotely decent underground bunker. Other than just the price, there are many other factors that you should take into consideration. There is a myriad of permits that you are required to have to allow you to build and dig your underground shelter. These and many more other reasons should be enough to discourage many.


Making Plans for Long-Term Survival in the Woods

Having a bugout is one of the most precious tools that you could include in your arsenal as a prepper. However, as much as it is an exceptional tool, it should not lead you down the path of setting camp on a long-term basis in the woods. This is one of the commonest mistakes that preppers make and it could be the main cause of death for many of them.

There is almost nothing positive that can come from settling down for long-term living in the forest. There is the problem of finding constant sources of water, shelter, food and even fire after living for months there. In addition to this, there are countless different threats that will come to haunt you while living in the forest.

Among such dangers include hypothermia which could end up killing you on a night with 70 degrees or less. Winds have the ability to crash your camp with trees whereas powerful storms are able to blow away your camp. Needless to say, there is the danger of drinking water that is contaminated and at times starving to death.



There are many strategies that preppers have in preparation for averting the diverse crisis situations that could arise. There are some which are excellent but on the other hand, there are some which appear to be good but on evaluation, they could end up achieving the opposite of life preservation. Be sure to research on the proper strategies that will work for you