Hi, I’m Jordan.

I’m a prepper from the UK. I have spent the last three years preparing for and event which I believe the world will change forever from, a devastating World War. I’m so paranoid by it all that I have taken the time to create this blog to share my thoughts, fears and advice to people like you. I hope you get some useful info that you can use from my blog and I hope you enjoy reading it too.


Who am I?

I won’t disclose my location, full name or any other personal info as I feel this may endanger me. Sorry.


What are my fears?

I’m scared of another World War, the world nearly ended without our modern technology, the scale in which we have developed as a species in comparison to 100 years ago is crazy, a World War would be devastating, and very fast.


Why did I start prepping?

I saw Doomsday preppers, it got me thinking of how unsafe we all are.


How can you contact me?

You can contact me at justin@prepare-now.com if you would like to contact me for advice, a chat or to review your prepper products.